King / Queen of the Bay

Date: 26th Jan 2019

Start Time: 1pm

Event Info

Contact: Nathan Faavee, 

Event Details: If you have never done a downwind race before and are a bit apprehensive I highly recommend this one for a number of reasons:

  • Inside the Tasman Bay the swell never gets huge but its very reliable for having a bit of a wave and a tail wind.
  • There is nothing for the swell to "bounce" off - with some downwind courses you get swell bouncing off rocks or bridges and coming at you from all angles. The waves inside Tasman Bay are pretty consistent and come from primarily one direction.
  • You start in waves - this means that you start with other paddlers of your own ability and don't get smashed by the elite paddlers wash at the start and everyone finishes together. 
  • No-one in Nelson takes things too seriously and are always excited to see people out there giving it a go.

Race Report: Read last years race report here

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